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Welcome to Fuck a mum Australia!

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Welcome to fuck a mum. Australia’s premium dating site for meeting horny mums who are actively looking for sex. Due to the nature of this site we are quite strict about the member who we allow to sign up. We aim to make this site one where you are almost guaranteed sex. Now this is a difficult thing to do so here are some of the ways we go about doing it.

1.No fake accounts

We check the site every 12 hours for any fake profiles. We think fake members on dating sites are unacceptable and while some of the main stream brands are packed with fake members we can take more time to make sure that all of our members are real. We check profiles for profile pictures, we read peoples bio’s we even have access to messages that are being sent. If anyone is sending nonsense messages or trying to advertise something they are banned instantly. Everything else on the other hand is fully allowed. We have many members organizing orgies and even gangbang sessions on here. All of this is allowed, but it is important to us that you know the members you are messaging are real people looking for real sex.

2.Only real members allowed

Once you have signed up, we do ask you to verify your email. The reason for this is that fake members often use fake email addresses. We go to a lot of effort to make sure that this site is only packed full of horny members actively looking to fuck a mum, the least you can do is use your real email address so we know we can trust you. Don’t worry, we do not send any spam or junk mail. We only inform you if a member has tried to contact you (and you can turn this feature off if you want so you receive no emails).

3.ALL members must be looking for sex

If you are looking for online chat or just want to wank over members images this is ok, but you will have limited time on this site. If too many people contact you and you are not giving a good enough reason not to meet up for sex, you may be banned.

We ask all our members to flag someone who doesn’t want to meet up for sex without a good reason. If that person flags up too many times we remove them from the dating site, this works for men and women so feel free to report anyone who doesn’t want to shag you for a good reason. We only want loose mums and horny men on this site.

4.If you refuse sex too often you are banned

This is not a joke, we have had men and women on here who are actively seeking sex. If a person is flagged a certain amount of times for not meeting up for sex we remove them from the database. That gives everyone on the system the peace of mind they need that they are going to get a response from all members (if you don’t, just let us know).

Signing up

Signing up to the site is very easy, just follow the 5 step process at the top of this page. When you sign up we do not require any bank or credit card details, when we say you are allowed a free trial, we meant free! If you are not impressed and want to leave, canceling is even easier than signing up and we will not bother you again!

If you think you are up for it, sign up today!

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